Friday, October 15, 2010

I Hope Conn. Republicans will be Kicking Themselves in the Ass

Lieberman could be kingmaker if next Senate winds up divided 50-50; The Hill

I hope Conn. Republicans will be Kicking themselves in the ass for long time if this happens...

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) could have the power to decide who controls the Senate after the midterm elections.

Polling suggests Republicans could pick up as many as nine seats this fall, making a 50-50 split between the two parties a distinct possibility.

A nine-seat gain for the GOP would give Democrats the slimmest possible majority: a caucus of 50, made up of 48 Democrats and two independents, Lieberman and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.). Vice President Joe Biden would become the crucial tie-breaking vote in the Democrats' favor.

But that one-vote majority would hinge on Lieberman continuing to caucus with the Democrats. Under that scenario, the Democratic Party's love/hate relationship with Lieberman could reach a critical juncture.

Comment: Republicans in Connecticut sold their souls all for war, Pax Americana, imperialism, when they voted for Lieberman, and if the headline comes to fruition, then I hope they kick themselves in the ass for a very long time.

Lieberman is a sham and true enemy of freedom and liberty. I guarantee before he leaves office he will help usher in a federal police state more vicious than anything seen in former Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact; mark my word because it's already happening.

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Idahoser said...

ah, he's just the first one that comes to mind is all. There's a long list of finks waiting to be the next Jim Jeffords to make sure their Democrat Lite party never has to do any icky governing.

And we voted for this. RINOs need to go. We already have democrats, NO MORE RINOS!!!

Alexander, Corker, this means YOU