Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hatch Says He's More Conservative Than Bennett, cough cough

Hatch Says Democrats Dampened Prospects for Bipartisanship After Election; Bloomberg

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch sees fewer prospects for bipartisanship in the next Congress and says he’s more conservative than fellow Utah Senator Robert Bennett, who lost renomination to Tea Party opposition.

Hatch, who will be seeking a seventh term in 2012, said he’s reaching out to activists in the political movement and is more closely aligned with their views than Bennett was.

“I’m no Bob Bennett,” Hatch said in an interview on “Political Capital with Al Hunt” airing this weekend on Bloomberg Television. “I’m meeting with these folks, the Tea Party people and others, and I’m holding extensive town hall meetings.” Bennett lost his renomination bid in May during voting at a state Republican convention.

Hatch is in line to be chairman of the tax-writing Senate Finance Committee if Republicans win control of the chamber in the Nov. 2 elections, an outcome he said is unlikely. He has a reputation for working with Democrats, particularly the late Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy, on matters such as health care and civil-rights legislation.

Read the rest of the Bloomberg article here.

Comment: After finishing the article I was left a feeling that Hatch really doesn't understand the tidal currents that are moving through the country at this time. It's as if he thinks that he's the great conservative sage waiting to guide the uncouth Tea Party into his little circle of influence. Hatch is anything but a Conservative who would do well to read Russell Kirk's paper "Ten Conservative Principles."

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