Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Senate Unanimously Confirmed Gen Petraeus New Commander of US and Nato Forces in Afghanistan

Gen David Petraeus confirmed to lead Afghanistan war; BBC

The US Senate has unanimously confirmed Gen David Petraeus as the new commander of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan.

President Barack Obama nominated him after sacking the previous commander, Gen Stanley McChrystal, last week.

Gen McChrystal and his aides had criticised senior administration officials in a magazine article.

Gen Petraeus earlier warned in his Senate confirmation hearing of an escalation of violence in Afghanistan in the coming months.

He is one of America's best-known military figures and is widely credited with having turned around the military situation in Iraq with a "surge" there.

He is expected to step down as head of US Central Command, a role he has held since October 2009, to take up the new post.

Comment: I consider this akin to say the New York Yankees having to call George Stinebenner in to pitch game seven of the World Series. I have to ask, where the heck is the bullpen? We have more generals on active duty today than we did during World War II and yet we have to call in Petraeus. There's no one else who can manage this war? Something's wrong here.

However, if the US Senate was made up of representatives from the states, who are faced with depleted, overused, stretched thin National Guard units they might start asking the White House and Pentagon some hard questions.

If they were the true representatives of their state rather than the clown puppets that do the bidding of special interests they might be asking where the unaccounted billions of dollars lost by the Department of Defense went.

Maybe just maybe, if we had representatives from the states the US Senate might be a little concerned that our deficit is $1.7 trillion.

Oh and we shouldn't forget this conveniently lost question...where's Bin Laden?! Remember that's why we went on this fishing expedition in the first place.

This is what happens when you lose the checks and balances created by the founders. You foster a group of unaccountable big government statists who care nothing for the future of this country nor the people that work tirelessly paying the taxes these fools spend with no regard. You have a group of stooges either unwilling or too ignorant to ask the hard questions for the American people.


Anonymous said...

It looks like the posting theme you have today could be called, "The Senate is afraid to ask the tough questions for America."

I sucks being us...

JohnJ said...

The Senate won't ask the tough questions because they owe their jobs to their party. They have no allegiance to the people who supposedly elected them. Senatorial elections are a sham. The idea that Senators represent the electorate has become obviously ridiculous.

Anonymous said...