Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Ridiculous Senate Confirmation Process

Senators are asking Elena Kagan who she likes on Twilight: Eclipse.

Senate hearings have become an utterly useless process as far as gathering information. Now they're all about grandstanding, demagogueing, and feeling superior to "the little people". These people have a job where they know they're virtually unaccountable. Repeal the 17th Amendment and maybe we'll have someone in Washington who's concerned about actually doing their job.

Hat tip: Hot Air

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Stephen said...

Consider that the deal has already been made, and she's good to go to get her seat, so why do they really need to question her. I just doesn't matter. But that's what we get when we elect little presidents.

I wonder though, even though the socialists and progressives are getting their person on the court, don't they see how their hollow argument supporting the 17th Amendment is totally BS? This is backroom politics without representation or democracy.