Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Washington State Legislation to Repeal the 17th

The collective slapping of our country’s founding foreheads; The Advance

Sen. Val Stevens is pushing legislation this session that would amend the Constitution of the United States, doing away with the 17th Amendment, which guarantees the election of our U.S. senators by a vote of the people.

Comment: Great news and if there are any supporters from the State of Washington please get word to Sen. Stevens of your support and get behind his effort.

On another note, if you happen to go to the link that had the original posting (top line), you'll note the party affiliation of the writer, wink wink, nod nod. If anyone out there has any ideas first, how to get across to the "democrats" that the 17th was not enacted to give the people a voice and to break up the "good old boys club," and second, how to get them behind this movement, I would greatly appreciate your advice. I personally think it's beyond reason, but enough people tell me the repeal movement has to be "non-partisan, so I'd like to hear what you have to say on this subject.


Tyrone said...

Education and what's in it for the voter is the only way to get the people behind repealing the 17th amendment. And that is going to be a lot of educating since schools no longer teach accurate American history. No one is required to read the Federalist and the Anti-Federalist papers. No one is required to read James Madison's notes on the Federal Convention.

I bet most people today don't even realize the Senate was a further check on the Federal government and a great way to prevent the Federal government from imposing unfunded programs on the states.

Brian said...


True enough.

One big step in the education process means that parents, especially those that are rooted in liberty, must teach their children the truth about our nation. Grandparents should do the same.

Next, I believe we should form community associations much like the "Minutemen" and start going to other community associations and speaking about these liberty issues.

Certainly we could add more points and will, but education is a huge step.