Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Can We Repeal the 17th Amendment

How Can We Repeal the 17th Amendment; National States Rights Coalition

1. By educating the state legislatures of each state, to realize the Federal Government has stripped them of the power to govern, and in their place they have placed Bureaus and departments manned by non-elected officials who do not answer to the people, and since the people did not elect them, they can not vote them out of office. [Example US Fish and Wildlife vs. State Fish and Wildlife].

2. Educate them about the powers the Constitution originally granted the states to prevent this encroachment of the Federal Government, before the adoption of the 17th Amendment.

3. Educate them about the powers the Constitution granted them in repealing amendments, as they initiated in repealing the 18th Amendment [Prohibition] then, unify them so they all come together as a unit to use these powers to get back their rightful powers to govern, and eliminate these extra layers of costly government. [Article V of the Constitution]

4. Urge the State Legislators to repeal the 17th amendment to enforce their powers and sovereignty as outlined in the 10th Amendment, which will put a stop to the un-funded mandates and other intimidation’s by the Federal Government.

5. Many of the state legislatures are sending messages to the Federal Government reminding them of their sovereignty and powers granted to them in the 10th amendment, So they are really just asking the Federal Government to acknowledge these powers.

6. But when they repeal the 17th amendment, they then become a controlling partner in the Federal Government and can demand their rights and powers, If a majority of the states call for an amendment to repeal the 17th Amendment and urge congress to do so, it will carry, as congress knows if they don’t the states can adopt an amendment by holding a state convention, which would make congress look very bad in the eyes of their voters. And the Senate knows if they oppose the amendment when the states adopt it they are out of a job for sure.

We need to set up action groups in as many Cites as possible in all 50 states to educate the people, and the PAC groups and other action-groups as well as the State legislators to show strong support to back up the state legislatures in this action.

We need your help in setting up an action groups in your city and state so please register now as a supporting member and we will correlate you with other members of your city and state.

Comment: The word is getting out and people are lining up behind this movement. Spread the word folks. It starts right in your local community through a simple letter to your local representative or a simple conversation with them in your neighborhood. These are the people we have to get through to because any real attempt to repeal the 17th will come from the state legislators.


JinOhio said...

I just visited the 10th Amendment Center web page and searched for '17th' and found this article.


The 3rd comment also brings attention to this group:


The comment goes on to say:

"We also have a proposed 17th Amendment Pledge to review.


The idea is similar to what is being done on your Tenth Amendment Center site. We want our members to get their elected state/local officials, and candidates for state and local office to sign the pledge and then post it on their sites and our site so voters can make an informed decision about which candidates truly respect individual rights and will work to restore federalism.

If you agree with these principles, and want to help, please join us."

The more we band together the great effect we'll have.

Idahoser said...

I've started using this as my signature:

Repeal the 17th Amendment, restore the States' representation!

although I have to admit it's been difficult coming up with anything catchy enough to actually get people to wonder what the heck I'm talking about. They don't know and they don't care that none of the things they want to fix can be fixed until this is done.