Thursday, January 21, 2010

CA GOP candidates say Mass Senate victory means Boxer is next

CA GOP candidates say Mass Senate victory means Boxer is next:

US Senators represent parties not the people!(1)

The upset victory of Republican Scott Brown Tuesday in the Massachusetts Senate race had an immediate effect in California, where GOP U.S. Senate Republican candidates wasted no time going on offense -- vowing that Democratic incumbent U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer is on tap next.

Former South Bay Rep. Tom Campbell made the first move, issuing a jab at Boxer -- along a claim that he will now take her on and address "the suicidal direction Congress and the President are taking our economy."

The combative statement from the ususally low-key Campbell hint at the pumped-up themes -- and energy -- to come from the GOP side in the 2010 CA U.S. Senate race against Boxer, where former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and Assemblyman Chuck DeVore of Irvine are already raring to go. And GOP state officials were positively bubbly in their reaction to Tuesday's election results in the Bay State, where Brown handily beat Democrat Martha Coakley.

Comment: I added the subtitle to frame my comment (1), it was not part of the original article, so please let me explain why it was added. Normally I never post anything to do with the election of a US Senator from a particular state because I believe that is the business of the voters of that state. I live in Ohio and that’s my chief concern, other than yearning for the repeal of the 17th Amendment. However, once the person is elected and begins to kowtow to the special interests that will assuredly lead them down the road of personnel corruption, they are open to ridicule. Case in point was the Al Franken and Norm Coleman race; they languished in the courts forever and no mention was made on this web log, but once Franken won the seat and is now a big supporter of the Washington elites' “endless war” (what a surprise ay), well it’s open season.

In the article above one point resonated so strongly I had to bring it to your attention contrary to my posting parameters. After I read the article I noted a twisted focus. The focus is not about a statesman who is up against a citizenry that is fed up with a poor and miserable performance, no, rather it is about a party member who is about to lose the “party seat” and a place of power for the party in Washington.

Folks, our US Senators do not represent the people. Oh certainly they need a few of us to get elected, but they really represent their political party. That’s what the fight in Massachusetts and California is all about, the dam two main political parties, not us nor the states, not the economy or any other pressing issue, but the party.

No matter which side of the 17th Amendment you stand, for or against, no sitting US Senator represents either the state they were elected from or the people of that state. We are kept in this never ending foolish debate as to which of the lecherous groups is going to represent our supposed interests. This couldn’t further from what the founders intended.

You may not know the history behind the creation of senate and congress, nor the truth surrounding the enacting the 17th Amendment, but one item you have to understand, at least on a base level, is that the two main political parties are killing this country through the influence they peddle.

If we want to turn this country around, restore the 10th Amendment and rightful authority of the states, and repeal the 17th Amendment, not to forget the repeal of the 16th Amendment and Federal Reserve Act, we must break the dominance of the two main parties.

And with every element needed to restore the checks and balance of power to our Republic, the road to breaking this control must begin with the states. This country was created by the states, it will only be restored when the states use their constitutional authority and take the power back.

Don’t look to some grand national movement with some radio personality waving a Gadsden Flag to lead us out of this hole. It’s not going to happen because the two main parties, the special interest they represent and the government media complex will assuredly sink the movement. But if individual movements take root in our states and our elected state officials we know from our communities, who could also be from a "third party," change the laws needed to break the two main parties stranglehold, and begin to nullify a ton of laws, then we will restore this fallen republic. But it has to start in the states!


Tim Adams said...

What a great concept I have been saying for the past 2 years...

The 17th amendment was the WROST thing to happen to this country. It has completely separated state government from federal and left the central power of our country in the hands of an easily influenced and purchased few.

Brian said...

Mr. Adams:

Thanks for stopping by. I recommended getting involved with a local group and start pressing and educating your local and state elected.

Additionally, consider joining the Repeal the 17th Amendment Discussion Group on Yahoo (see the right side of this page for the link). We are networked nationwide and available for discussion and information sharing.