Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Seventeenth Summary 03-24-2011 PM

Top US senator: Libya strikes about regional ties
Middle East Online
"What we are trying to assert are the basic values of our country to make certain that the next generation of leaders in these nations that are undergoing change can identify with the United States," said Democratic Assistant Senate Majority leader Dick Durbin.

Comment: Can you say “hegemony” Sen. Durbin?

Senate Judiciary panel sets hearing for next week on protecting Muslims' civil ...
Washington Post
 A Senate Judiciary subcommittee plans to hold a hearing next week examining the issue of American Muslims' civil rights, less than three weeks after the controversial House committee hearing, led by Rep. ...

Comment: Watch for renewed calls to limit freedom of speech.

U.S. spending on military operations in Libya drains Pentagon
Washington Post
Sen. Jack Reed (DR.I.), also a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said that the financial burden of operations in Libya would have been greater had the United States acted without other coalition partners.

Comment: Wow it's a good thing we have Senators like Jack Reed who really care about fiscal responsibility instead of that silly constitutional issue. Hell with coalition partners, we can invade every country (this is part where we add Dr. Evil laughing)!

Maine's Snowe calls for women's rights
Boston Globe
The 17 females in the US Senate, led by Olympia Snowe of Maine, are calling on leaders in North Africa and the Middle East to include women when it comes to making decisions that affect their lives. Snowe is the sponsor of a resolution ...

Comment: You knew the leftist angle had to be figured into this invasion. Soon we’ll be watching Michelle Obama telling us it was for the children.

Sheriff Joe: 'Have you forgotten me?'
Arizona Republic
Why isn't there more interest in the fact that he is contemplating a run for the US Senate? Why did the media so quickly pass over the raid his deputies conducted on five Pei Wei Asian Diner locations in the Valley, rounding up a bunch of employees ...

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