Monday, March 14, 2011

The Seventeenth Summary 03-14-2011 PM

Tearing down walls
Casper Star-Tribune Online
The house of representatives, in the past decade and a half, has several times declared in favor of the proposed constitutional amendment, and it is evident that the senate will be won over to that side before many more years pass.” The 17th Amendment ...

Defunding NPR
Human Events
The Senate debate on the House-passed long-term Continuing Resolution (CR) has hit a roadblock. Last week in the Senate, both the House Republican proposal to cut $61 billion and the Senate... Democrat proposal to cut $10 billion were

Senate GOP moderates feel heat from the tea party
Minutes after the Senate rejected a huge, controversial Republican budget-cutting plan last week, Democrats pounced hard, blasting moderate GOP senators who supported the package. "It is now official - Dick Lugar ...

Senate, House Blame the Other for Failed Bills
Relations between the House and Senate grew especially chilly on the last day, with senators accusing the House of dragging their feet on certain legislation and delegates saying the Senate was sending them major pieces of legislation without spelling ...

GOP tries to lure talk show host for US Senate run
The News-Press
US Senate leaders are trying to recruit former Republican US Rep. Joe Scarborough, now a political talk show host, into entering the GOP Senate primary against Democratic US Sen. Bill Nelson, according to news reports out of
Washington. Sen. ...

Campaign underway to draft Texan actor Tommy Lee Jones for US Senate
Pocono Record
A campaign to draft Hollywood actor Tommy Lee Jones to the US Senate for the Democratic Party was slowly gaining momentum Monday, with more than 1700 people on Facebook "liking" the idea. Houston attorney and radio talk show host Geoff Berg, ...

US Senator wants brakes on nuke power plants until Japan tsunami ramification ...
US Senator Joseph I. Lieberman has said that the Obama administration must put brakes, if not stops, on nuclear power plants in the country till they understand the ramification of what went wrong in Japan following an earthquake-cum-tsunami. ...

Potential Senate candidacy highlights chamber's omission
Boston Globe
Now, after little more than a year as mayor of
Newton, Warren is weighing a challenge to one of the hottest commodities in the US Senate, Brown himself. Brown's surprise win the January 2010 special election to replace the late Senator Edward M. ...

End subsidies for corn-based ethanol
Baltimore Sun
Our view: What do one very liberal and one very conservative member of the US Senate have in common? A distaste for a wasteful tax credit There isn't a long list of issues that unite
Maryland's Benjamin L. Cardin with Oklahoma's Tom Coburn, ...

Google Antitrust Hearing Requested by US Senators
Despite competition that exists just a click away, the bulls-eye on Google's back has grown as big as its 65 percent US search market share in the eyes of the US Senate. One day after the US Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy, ...

Google Antitrust Probe Is Urged by Republican US Senator
Senator Mike Lee, a Utah Republican, added his support to a growing number of lawmakers seeking congressional hearings on Google Inc. (GOOG)'s business practices. In a letter to Herb Kohl, chairman of the ...

US Senator McCain hails Morocco reform push
Senior US Senator John McCain on Friday hailed pledges by Morocco's King Mohammed VI to pursue sweeping reforms and urged "tireless" support from Washington to help enact his agenda. "This new reform agenda builds on the king's ...

U.S. intel chief: Mexico drug violence poses security threat
Fox News
During an appearance Thursday before the Senate Armed Forces Committee, Clapper reiterated the US... government's position that drug trafficking and the prevalence of drug cartels in Mexico is a "matter of national security interest in both countries.

US Senator says that high oil prices are due to an agenda by President Obama
US Senator James Inhofe yesterday spoke on the floor of the Senate and said to fellow Congressmen that high oil prices for Americans are an 'explicit policy goal' of President Obama. In his speech to the Senate, Inhofe pointed out there are vast ...

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