Monday, March 14, 2011

IN Gov Daniels Supports Lugar and Party over Indiana

Indiana Senate: Daniels Voices Support for Lugar; Senatus

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (R) says he’ll “support Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.) in his reelection bid, despite efforts by tea party activists to oust him,” POLITICO reports.
"I’m for Dick Lugar," Daniels said on NBC’s "Meet the Press." "He is the role model I’ve had."

: Daniels in choosing Lugar, so too chooses "the Party" over Indiana.

When you boil down all of Dick Lugar's years in the US Senate, certain descriptors rise to the surface: interventionism, growth of federal government; increasing regulations, increased taxation, increased bureaucracy, war, imperialism, defense industry growth, police state growth, and diminished state sovereignty to name a few. All of these descriptors apply accurately to Dick Lugar and  it becomes even more evident as we look at the fate of our nation over the last 30 years. The Tea Party in Indiana knows this, as well as most rank and file Republicans.

But the power that Lugar holds is too much to let go, and it's too much for the Republican Party to let go as well. This is why Daniels continues to support one of the chief architects of statism in this country. Irregardless of the issue the party types will always close ranks rather than support the people. Yet the parties have done more to sink our nation and nutter our states than any single special interest group combined.

Daniels knows this, and knows the harm Lugar and his fellow statist travelers have caused this nation and the State of Indiana; he has to; as well as every other governor in the US. No one could be that oblivious, could they? No he can't be that oblivious, because he's dealing with years of federal domination of his state that has left the Midwest and most of the country in a wake of depression.

But let's hope the liberty groups in Indiana stand tall and put Lugar out to pasture; and then support a candidate that will represent Indiana, and not "the Party."

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John said...

I've been annoyed by the disproportionate attention Daniels and Lugar have gotten recently. There is definitely a game of divide and conquer going on with the press these two are receiving.