Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Rand Paul's New Tea Party Handbook

Rand Paul's New Tea Party Handbook; New American

The Tea Party Goes to Washington, by Rand Paul (with Jack Hunter), Center Street/Hachette Book Group: New York, NY, 2011, 254 pages, hardbound, $21.99. (Available at for $12.16.) Freshman Kentucky Senator and medical doctor Rand Paul has written what should -- and may indeed -- become the new handbook of the Tea Party movement. Written by the Tea Party's most prominent member who won its most celebrated electoral victory, The Tea Party Goes to Washington is a study of the Tea Party movement yesterday and today. It also provides a prescription from the ophthalmologist/senator for curing the nation's fiscal ills.

It's rare that a reviewer opens up a book with the intent of highlighting only the most important quotes in the book, and ends up highlighting almost every line. This is one of those rare books. The author describes the Tea Party movement as a decentralized movement without a single leader, but with the brilliant ideas and legislative agenda presented in this book, Rand Paul establishes himself as the Tea Party's most prominent adherent. The book is also an ideal handbook for describing the kind of smears that will take place against people who stand up for fiscal sanity and question the status quo. ...

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