Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Seventeenth Summary 02-17-2011 PM

Florida High-Speed Rail and the 17th Amendment | RedState
By scipio62 (Profile)
Following on my post from earlier today, William March of the Tampa Tribune posted this: Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson has just talked with Transportation.

US Senator: Spat With Pakistan Over Detained American Will be Resolved Soon
Voice of America
US Senator John Kerry said on Wednesday during a visit to Islamabad that the arrest of an American official in Pakistan on charges of double murder has become a "complicated political issue" but that he is confident the two countries will be able to ...

Top regulators to face US Senate panel on Dodd-Frank
By Kevin Drawbaugh WASHINGTON, Feb 17 (Reuters) - Republicans will escalate their push to delay and defund the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reforms on Thursday as top regulators appear before the US Senate Banking Committee with a new chairman presiding. ...

US Senate Republicans rap Energy Department budget request
US Energy Secreatary Steven Chu faced pushback from Republicans on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Wednesday over the Obama administration's efforts to ramp up renewable energy spending and cut oil and gas research in its fiscal ...

Senate Democrats Told to Embrace US Spending Cuts or Risk a Voter Rebuff
Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat facing re- election next year, said it's difficult to agree on spending reductions because each program has a loyal following. “Cutting is essential, and the public wants us to cut, but once you get into ...

US Senate Rejects Air Bill Spending Cuts
The US Senate on Tuesday rejected a proposal to cut the budget for the FAA in a test vote on Republican pledges to curb federal spending.

Bipartisan 'Gang of Six' in Senate developing framework for deficit reduction
Washington Post
On taxes, for example, the legislation would direct tax-writing committees in the House and Senate to develop a tax overhaul that raises hundreds of billions of dollars in additional revenue while lowering the top tax rate, which stands at 35 percent. ...

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