Friday, February 18, 2011

Podcast: Sen Bill Nelson's Plan for FL AMTRAC

Podcast: Sen Bill Nelson's Plan for FL AMTRAC; Repeal the 17th Amendment Radio

I completed my first full length podcast today. I wouldn't give myself a passing score; I still have a few things to work out like the pauses and the "uuuhhhsss," not to mention the audio. But the journey of thousand miles begins with one step, and so today I took a step forward.

The talk centered on Senator Bill Nelson's effort to go around Florida Governor Rick Scott's decision to reject the federal money to build a AMTRAC style rail line between Tampa and Orlando. Nelson's actions demonstrate the consequence of the 17th Amendment, where US Senators behave as a "mini-presidents," who further special interest agenda over the will of their respective state and state legislative body, by using the full weight of the Federal and National Governments to impose a given agenda through federal resources, legislation and regulation.

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John said...

The pauses and uhhhs haven't stopped anyone else from speaking publicly ;-)

Looking forward to listening when I have some time!