Friday, December 17, 2010

The Making of a Saint; "Pope" George Voinovich

Pope Voinovich proving his devoutness. (Columbus Dispatch)
As part of Voinovich’s effort to promote his cause for sainthood his staffers have for the last few months been writing “legacy” e-newsletters touting the great works he has done over the many years “serving” Ohio and the Nation. Doing their part The Columbus Dispatch had an article last weekend promoting the beatification and sainthood of Ohio’s US Senator, Pope George Voinovich and it was nothing short of complete fiction.

Voinovich is finally leaving government after 43 years, leaving Ohio and our nation in the wake of an enormous deficit, developing depression (in Ohio’s case we have been in a depression for close to 15 years, about the time Voinovich left Ohio state government for the US Senate), four wars, the collapse of the dollar, unmitigated growth of the national government, fascist/socialist take over of the health care system, and the second stage of developing fascist police state.

The Dispatch dubbed Voinovich “Mr. Ohio,” so I’d say his legacy is firmly affixed to the name. Ohio is last in the country when it comes to a sound state economy and business climate, meaning we have high taxation and too many debilitating regulations preventing business. Government sector growth has grown steadily since Voinovich was Governor. More people are leaving the state putting us second in the nation in “exodus” category. Ohio was the first state to get the federal citizen spy organization called INFRAGARD, and now we have three main offices. So it truly looks like Voinovich is “Mr. Ohio” and as it goes with Pope Voinovich’s guiding hand in the US Senate, the US will soon look much like the State of Ohio.

On a serious note, Voinovich like the rest of the oligarchs leaving the senate for good demand nothing short of a jail sentence. From their complete disregard for the oath they took to defend the US Constitution, to the lining of the pockets of the global bankers, to the bankruptcy of this nation, the loss of life both of our military and those civilians in the countries around the world they furthered their imperialistic and internationalist aspirations, and more over in the case of Voinovich, the handing over of our sovereignty to an evil and corrupt United Nations, WTO and World Bank (we still don’t know what Voinovich has been doing in all of the “global governance” meetings he has attend in Brussels), nothing short of dark prison cell is good enough for him and them.

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Anonymous said...

Their actions over the long years is what we could call "soft kill." That is murder and when it comes to our Constitution is the highest form of murder because it effects all of us. Yes jail is what they deserve.