Friday, December 17, 2010

Lieberman's War

Kosovo and the myth of liberal intervention; Neil Clark; The Guardian

'The United States of America and the Kosovo Liberation Army stand for the same human values and principles ... Fighting for the KLA is fighting for human rights and American values." So declared the neocon US senator (and current foe of WikiLeaks) Joseph Lieberman back in 1999 at the height of the US-led military intervention against Slobodan Miloševic's Yugoslavia.

It would be interesting to hear what Senator Lieberman makes of the report of the Council of Europe – Europe's premier human rights watchdog – on his favourite band of freedom fighters. The report, which cites FBI and other intelligence sources, details horrific rights abuses it claims have been carried out by the KLA, the west's allies in the war against Yugoslavia 11 years ago.

The council claims that civilians – Serbian and non-KLA-supporting Kosovan Albanians detained by the KLA in the 1999 hostilities – were shot in northern Albania and their kidneys extracted and sold on the black market. It names Hashim Thaçi, the former leader of the KLA and Kosovo's prime minister, as the boss of a "mafia-like" group engaged in criminal activity – including heroin trading – since before the 1999 war. The report is a damning indictment not only of the KLA but also of western policy. And it also gives lie to the fiction that Nato's war with Yugoslavia was, in Tony Blair's words, "a battle between good and evil; between civilisation and barbarity; between democracy and dictatorship".

It was a fiction many on the liberal left bought into. ...

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Comment: While this episode certainly demonstrates the sorted path of the imperialistic interventionism waged by the internationalists within Washington, London, Paris, and Brussels,  it also shows once again why it is truly imbecilic to place so much power into the hands of a few and not have the checks and balances of the united states in place to protect us from the special interest agenda.

Lieberman was elected, supposedly, to represent his state, and in times of conflict to cast a vote on behalf of his state to engage or not engage in war.  Regrettably though with the 17th Amendment Lieberman and the other 99 have the power more often to wage and further war, and because with a complicit media there is nothing preventing these 100 and the many clowns in the House from their maddening globalist goals.  They have the power to tax, the power to spend and the power to wage war continuously.

Is this what Progressives really had in mind back in 1913 for the US to be an imperialist state? I also wonder with all the attack pieces written by the Huffington Post staff against the repeal of the 17th in recent months, is this something you agree with too? Sadly, I think you do.

America needs to wake up. The 17th Amendment was not some slight change to the US Constitution that took the power from the "corrupt" and put in the hands of the "little" people. It significantly altered the main transom of the whole federal structure by removing the single biggest check on POWER. If almost 50 years of nonstop war isn't enough for us to wake up to this reality, then Lord help us, because we are in store for 50 more and assuredly along the way to be bankrupted when we get there, if not before.

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