Wednesday, October 06, 2010

IMF Article Predicts New World Order

IMF Article Predicts New World Order; The Daily Bell

Blogger's Note: I offer this article, "IMF Article Predicts New World Order," this morning from the e-journal The Daily Bell for your deep consideration. This article forthrightly explains how we are moving toward global governance, which was something that few ever knew about in recent years and those that did, the alarmist, were labeled “out to lunch.” But more importantly for the effort of this web-log, this article should demonstrate the necessity of repealing the 17th Amendment and why this repeal is so important to the future of our country.

As most know, the US Senate under Article II, section 2 of the US Constitution has the authority to approve treaties. In the original framework and prior to the 17th Amendment the sovereignty of the states were protected, as each state, through its Senator, had an equal vote in the treaty approval process. As we can see quite clearly today and since 1913 this is not the case with these 100 men and women, who hold absolute power to cast aside the US Constitution in favor of treaties that has nullified elements of the US Constitution and our God given rights.

This is why it is imperative that we repeal the 17th Amendment; the consequences are too important not to, and hopefully as you read this brief article from The Daily Bell you’ll see the dire nature we are in as a country.

As we have written plenty of times before, it's startling to see how fast the Anglo-American power elite is willing to move now toward a more specific and comprehensive global governance. When we read this article, even just the beginning, it was obvious to us what was going on. And then we came to this sentence: "It means a de facto obligation to provide unlimited liquidity in euros...but the IMF is not a central bank for the world," the official said. Exactly. Is there a sub dominant social theme in the article. Perhaps so: "Pushback will continue but the IMF's expanded role is inevitable.

Indeed, the IMF is being cast in some places as an inevitable precursor to a world central bank. It need only graduate from SDRs to bancors and then expand its monetary authority. Of course we've covered this evolution in the past, but we didn't take it very seriously. The world moves slowly and is a complex place. But as we've seen (and commented on) over the past year, the Anglo-American elite seems to have shed any inhibitions about moving slowly or deliberately toward global governance goals.

It is in a race of some sort, though who or what it is running from or towards is not clear. But in picking up the pace in a kind of mad dash toward some unseen finish line, it is abandoning at least a century of deliberate, promotional construction designed to bring Western citizens in line with its goals. We've written we have no explanation. Let's say for argument's sake there are 6,000 in the ranks of the Anglo American familial elite. That still leaves six billion people that one needs to "bring along" presumably. But convincing people seems about the last thing on the mind of elite these days so far as we can tell. In aggregate, it gallops madly forward, careening out of control, oblivious to obstacles, increasingly leaving a trail of ruin behind.
Read the whole Daily Bell article here.

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