Thursday, September 09, 2010

Senator Durbin (D-IL) Defends the DREAM Act

Recorded September 8, 2010 at Northern Illinois University. Senator Durbin addresses DREAM Action NIU about the DREAM Act.

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Anonymous said...

Durbin and Hatch's DREAM Act further muddies the water for immigration reform. It does nothing but bolster the bad policy. Your points the other day were accurate; repeal the 14th Amendment and institute a guess worker program that is viable.

There was one other point that bothered me about Durbin's plan and that is if the individual goes to college or in the military they'll get citizenship. In the first case of going to college, what we are doing is tieing them to the federal government by way of a student loan. If 80 percent of legal Americans can't aford a college education what makes anyone think the illegal can. That leads to another issue, why and how can an illegal get a student loan from the federal government.

The second part, forcing the illegal to go into the military seems screwed up. We have an all volunteer force and essentially we are putting a pistol to the illegals head, and saying to them, "you know you can't afford college so join the armed forces and go fight our wars if you want citizenship." Not very human is it?