Thursday, September 09, 2010

Repealing the 17th Should Be an Ideal for all Americans

Can Dems use Tea Party against GOP on 17th amendment? The Washington Post

This is a fairly typical post by one of the MSM publications that is losing readership and revenue, which vilifies the Tea Party and the repeal of the 17th.

Here's something to keep an eye on: The Tea Party push to repeal the 17th amendment is becoming an issue in some of the hardest fought House races.

Vulnerable Dem incumbents are now beginning to air ads hammering GOP opponents who have come out in support of repealing the direct popular election of U.S. Senators, something that has been pushed by some of the more extreme Tea Party members. ...

The larger question here is this: Can Dems rescue their most vulnerable incumbents, and limit their losses, by capitalizing on the rise of the Tea Party, which has produced GOP candidates who are so far to the right that they'd ordinarily be disqualified?

Read the whole post here.

: What does it mean "so far right?" Unless you subscribe to the Nolan Chart (1), which I don't, the common understanding of the political spectrum is linear, with complete dictatorial control, communism, on one end and the absence of government, anarchy, on the other. Everything else sits some where in between. As you move left to right or right to left the level of governmental control either increases or decreases. So is being to the far right bad? No, it's great! It means that you have more FREEDOM, but unless of course you are someone like the writer who prefers that all levels of government control our lives.

Posts like the one I linked to from The Washington Post is a sad commentary on the level of education and intellect in this country. On one level this major newspaper seeks to sustain the status quo and bluster a failing centralized federal government without even offering a counter argument when clearly the majority of Americans aren't on board and the evidence is overwhelming that we are sinking as a nation. Likewise the fellow travelers who in most cases comment upon these baseless articles can only muster a couple of expletives that one finds on the public rest room wall.

This is sad; the 17th Amendment was a huge mistake, which altered the foundation and procedural framework of our government. Our ancestors fought for freedom and limited government. In turn they created a form of government that ensured we would have just that, but it was the backroom deals with Wall Street that gave us the 16th, 17th and Federal Reserve Act, thus altering what was and has been the single best form of government humankind has ever known.

Breaking the power of the political elite should be common to all in this country, no matter the ideology. If you are a democrat, socialist, progressive, or plain old leftist reason suggests that they would be the most suspicious of the back room deals and the collision with big corporations and the defense industrial complex; you know the very platform Obama ran on. If anyone would be inclined to support the status quo based upon today's current political thought it would be the majority of the establishment Republicans who like the idea of a large and mighty federal government no one can push around. But it's not the case.

Republicans of all ages and walks of life from all over the country have come to understand that the federal government with Wall Street brought about the economic depression. They are understanding that we are becoming more and more like Europe everyday, and we are involved in a conflicts overseas that are draining the life blood out of another generation, not to mention the trillions of dollars spent with no clear reason for fighting in the first place.

Yet while millions of Americans reeled against the Bush Administration and decidedly voted for Obama, these same millions have conveniently looked the other way while the Obama Administration propels the Bush Agenda forward with more vigor than Cheney himself!

So this boils down the stupidity of the left. They supported removing the backroom deals in 1913, but gave us more backroom deals after the passage of 17th; they supported complete withdrawal from the endless war, and they have given us more war! Look you fools Obama is talking about going to war with Iran!

The WAPO writer and his like ilk, call us what you will, but it takes an adult to admit wrong. The majority of many Republicans have done this and are now working together under the banner of the Tea Party (2) to right the mistake. It's time the Left in this country did the same.


(1) I see some merit with Mr. Nolan's thesis, however, tend to view the political and social spectrum in liner terms.

(2) I do not belong to a Tea Party affiliate, and won't. While I support these folks and their effort, I believe that those in the Tea Party movement should abandon the Republican Party and move to form a new party based upon the ideals and norms of the Tea Party, or simply join the two smaller political parties that are firmly based upon freedom and liberty: the Constitution Party and Libertarian Party. To me that would be the prudent thing to do, and I did, but I will not denigrate anyone who is seeking freedom and liberty and most of all limited government.

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