Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fraudster Ken Buck; Fake Limited Government Defender

The Great Buck Backpedal: 17th Amendment Actually Okay! Post Politics; The Washington Post

I caught this story a couple of days ago and I expect this sort of back peddling will become commonplace with many Republican Party candidates that either have been pandering to the liberty movement or are sympathetic to the ideals of limited government, but haven't a developed spine. Either way, when confronted by the main stream news media complex, which is 98 percent socialist/fascist oriented, the fraudsters are exposed just like Ken Buck.

Colorado Republican Senate nominee Ken Buck, who upset establishment favorite Jane Norton in last week's primary, last year expressed support for repealing the 17th Amendment, which allows for the direct election of Senators by popular vote...

Video recently unearthed by The Huffington Post shows Buck responding to a question at a campaign event last year by saying that the 17th Amendment "has taken us down the wrong path."

"I don't know that we get [repeal] tomorrow, but I think we get there in the very near future when people understand just what a horrendous effect the 17th Amendment has been on the federal government's spending."

Friday, Buck clarified his past statement to The Huffington Post: "It is not a position I still hold and it wasn't a position I held a day later when I called back the guy who asked the question and talked to him about the issue and reflected more on it."

The wholesale reversals are coming fast and furious now: Ken Buck abandoned his prior view that Social Security is a "horrible policy" that the private sector should be in charge of practically the day after his primary victory. This weekend, it was the wacky 17th Amendment stuff. ...

Read the whole post here.

Comment: I'm glad this fraudster Buck was exposed by the leftist media because he'll most likely do far more damage to the limited government effort, and our government, than any leftist. I'm also happy to see that the 17th Amendment is in the spot light because people are actually looking into the history of the amendment and realizing the consequences of its passage.

Once a person gets beyond the ad hominem attacks used by the left and media about the need to repeal the 17th, one begins to see the facts and how separating the states from their original place within the Legislative Branch, as framers intended, has resulted in the deficit and spending to rise, how we've become tyrannical imperial power around the world, and how US Senators represent their own agenda and that of the special interest groups rather than the people and their state; yes, the people are seeing the necessity to repeal the 17th Amendment.

That goes for these issues as well:

  • 16th Amendment; not only is it immoral to tax a person's work and wages, but having unlimited access to our money has allowed the Legislative and Executive Branches to spend our money so reckless that we really have no idea where the money goes in each budget and how it has contributed to the exponential growth of the federal and national goevernment.
  • The War Powers Act; Congress abdicated its role to decide when and where our country should go to war. Reflect upon what the two main parties have done since it was enacted; they have kept us in a continual state of war and fear.
  • The Federal Reserve Act; Congress abdicated its role to control our currency and turned it over to a cartel of private bankers, many who are from foreign countries, who have steadily robbed this country of countless billions. As scary as it seems they continue to increase their power to control all of our banking and financial transactions because a stupid congress continues to increase their power.
  • The Social Security Act, which was unconstitutional when it was enacted, today is as worthless as those private federal reserve notes you have in your bank account. Yes, it is a horrible policy when you consider how little people get on the return of their money, the way it has been mismanaged all these years and most compelling fact that Americans who are 50 and younger are unlikely to get anything!
I could go on for weeks writing about the failures of the Leviathan government, but these are facts and there are loads more. If folks like Ken Buck can't stand up to the leftist media with facts then good ridden; the liberty movement doesn't need them, and that goes for the Republican (RINO) Party as well.

We aren't fanatics and we don't want to go back to the way things were in the 19th Century. We simply want to rein in an out-of-control federal government that has quickly become despotic and tyrannical. The facts are there folks, like it or not.

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danq said...

I'm thinking he actually did/does support repeal of the 17th, but has changed his mind for political reasons. Every other Tea Party politician has flipped on this.

To most Americans, who haven't studied the issue, consider it a matter of extreme right-wing Nazis against the right to vote.