Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boxer Says Support Small Business If Reelected

Senator Boxer Singles out Local Company; Santa Barbara Independent

As part of her campaign for reelection, Senator Barbara Boxer stopped by Santa Barbara Adventure Company’s headquarters on Wednesday and spoke to media members about her plans for the Golden State should voters decide to usher her back into office.

Choosing the site because of its alignment with her campaign platform — Boxer promises to help small business stay in the black during these financially trying times, and says she wants to preserve California’s ecologically sensitive coastline — the senator’s team chose Santa Barbara Adventure Company because it’s growing despite the downturn economy, and is in the business of allowing everyday folks to enjoy the coast’s natural beauty. She made the stop as part of a statewide tour, and visited Vandenberg later in the afternoon.

During her previous campaign stop in Santa Barbara, Boxer — who’s running for a fourth term — said she’d back policies to develop the green energy industry, increase government spending on transportation, and place sanctions against companies that export jobs.

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Comment: After four terms the best Boxer can come up with is to develop "green" industries, I'm not sure there is a definition for that other than lining the pockets of a few companies with taxpayers money; increasing government spending on transportation, meaning more money spent on antiquated rail systems and cars too small to put a passenger and suitcase in; and placing sanction against companies that moved out of this country in order to cut costs on overhead. Wow, now that's innovation.

Maybe Senator (we should never forget her aristocratic title, should we) Boxer might want to examine the thousands of laws and regulations that are strangling not only the large businesses that have left this country, but the small as well that simply go out of business everyday. This is the real problem.

Boxer and crew created the mess we have today, and only getting rid of her will allow for a reprieve to our ailing country's economy. But on another note, it would be so much better if we repealed the 17th Amendment...

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