Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ballots uncounted in Alaska GOP Senate race

Ballots uncounted in Alaska GOP Senate race: CNN

One day before vote counting resumes in Alaska's Republican Senate primary, election officials say more than 25,000 ballots remain

According to unofficial results from last Tuesday's primary, Sen. Lisa Murkowski trails attorney Joe Miller by 1,668 votes, in what could turn out to be the biggest upset so far this cycle. Absentee ballots had 10 days domestically and 15 days internationally to arrive through the mail as long as they were postmarked August 24, the day of the primary.

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Anonymous said...

This has the makings of great intrigue. There is definitively smoke there...I would not put it pass the RNC to deep-six Miller.

The problem with the democrats and republicans is that they have become to fixated on the party and will do anything at any cost to win, and they work together to keep both in power.