Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Alvin Greene Mocks White House Staff As 'Harvard Rich Kids'

Alvin Greene Mocks White House Staff As 'Harvard Rich Kids;' Huffington Post

Alvin Greene, South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate, may seem to defy many classic stereotypes of aspiring politicians, but when it comes to confidence -- a must for most political contenders -- a new op-ed written by Greene in The Guardian shows that the enigmatic unemployed Senate hopeful has no shortage.

"I'll save your house. I'll save your job," Greene loftily promises in the editorial. "I'm unemployed, and, if elected, I can teach the Harvard rich kids in the White House and the senate a thing or two."

"Do any of these fat cats know what it's like to be unemployed? To not know how you will feed your children and pay your mortgage?" Greene continues. "I will vote for any law and propose any measure to keep jobs in my state of South Carolina. I will vote for huge tariffs, and, if necessary, vote to ban imports of foreign goods. Millionaire egghead politicians in the pocket of big business talk about "free trade" - and let all of your jobs get shipped overseas. No more free trade. Your job is not going to Indonesia."

Comment: I'm amazed at the amount of attention the South Carolina election mini-drama is getting in the press, but this guy hits a number of nails straight on the head. Namely, this country is being run by Harvard, Yale and Princeton, with Harvard having the greatest numbers in more positions of governmental influence than any other university. This doesn't say much for "diversity of thought."


Anonymous said...

What does Gerald Celente always say, “Bullets, Bombs, Banks, Harvard, Princeton, Yale.” He's so right!

I think people are starting to wake up to the fact there is a global elite running this world and right here in the US it's the boys and girls of Harvard, Princeton and Yale. And hell, most of the major universities in this country are staff by these three.


Brian said...


That's where I heard it too, from Celente.