Tuesday, April 06, 2010

US Senators, Agents for Their State

It's time we REPEAL Senator Richard Burr! Huffington Post
Senator Richard Burr is pandering to his right-wing conservative friends in Washington with the promise of repealing health care reform. On the campaign trail, he is pledging to allow health insurance companies to discriminate against those with preexisting conditions, prevent 32 million Americans from getting health care, and cripple your pocketbooks by banning thousands of dollars in tax credits.

I'm not going to let him get away it. Repeal reform? I say we repeal Burr!

This morning we launched a brand new website -- RepealBurr.com -- as a new central hub for North Carolinians who are sick and tired of Richard Burr's legendary failed leadership.

: Why do we expect our senators to be leaders? How about electing folks that will be agents for the state they come from? If this was the case we could stop projecting our unrealistic need for our senators to be "mini-presidents."

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