Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Senator Raises Concerns About Medicare Fraud at 'Phantom Pharmacies'

Senator Raises Concerns About Medicare Fraud at 'Phantom Pharmacies;' The Blotter from Brian Ross

Grassley Says Health Secretary Sebelius Has Ignored Warnings About Fly-By-Night Drug Stores That Rip Off the Government

Federal health officials have failed to police the emergence of phantom pharmacies – fly-by-night storefront operations that bill millions of dollars in false Medicare bills and then vanish -- according to Sen. Charles Grassley.

The Iowa Republican wrote to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Monday to ask why complaints about what he termed "phantom pharmacies" have repeatedly gone unanswered by her agency.

" In recent months, one private insurer approached my office with concerns over the lack of responsiveness by HHS when presented with credible evidence that fraudulent pharmacies were defrauding Medicare," Grassley wrote. ...

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Comment: Does anyone out there get the feeling we are going to see a whole lot more health care fraud?

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