Friday, March 12, 2010

We the people have the ability to term-limit any politician

From a recent commenter, Chuck, responding to a writer on the The American Spectator calling for for term limits. Some good advice...

chuck| 3.11.10 @ 10:49AM

We the people have the ability to term-limit any politician whenever we want. Did you elect a RINO? Then find a good conservative candidate to run against them in a primary. Is it easy? Hell no, but go to a National Cemetary and explain to those fine men there that you were too lazy to challenge an entrenched incumbent, so we pissed away their sacrifice.
We need to insist that our Representatives show basic respect for our founding documents.

1: [Repeal] the 16th amendment, abolish the income tax and all existing taxes and institute the Fair Tax. The income tax is immoral, it basically enslaves you to the government. Do Feds own 40% of your life?

2: Repeal the 17th amendment. The Senate was set up as the state's [representatives] to the federal government. The 17th amendment silenced the state's voices. Do you really think we would have all these unfunded mandates on the states if they still had a voice in the fed. gov.?

3: Force the federal government to divest itself of all land outside of Washington D.C. The feds should own no land in a sovereign state. That land belongs to the citizens out those states. Include all National Parks. The people of Arizona can run the Grand Canyon just fine.

4: Enforce the 10th amendment. 2/3 the federal spending is unconstitutional.

Enact those four measure, and we'll have our country back. It is up to the people to insist that our [representatives] will listen and act.
Comment: Again, good advice, although I agree with the need to repeal the 16th, but giving Congress, any Congress, a measure such as national sales tax is as dangerous as the income tax. But I do agree the income tax is morally wrong and I would go as far as saying it is simply evil, by classical standards.

As far as enforcement of the 10th Amendment, well there's no need to worry about a Congress or President, or even the Supreme Court running over the 10th when the 17th is repealed.

Lastly I do agree with returning the land taken by the federal government back to the states, with the one exception that should have limits on it, and that is the military bases. We still have to protect our country from threats.

On another note, it is amazing how often I see comments calling for the repeal of the 17th Amendment. People are getting the word out.

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