Thursday, March 04, 2010

Senator Graham calls cap-and-trade plan dead...Sure!

Senator Graham calls cap-and-trade plan dead; Reuters

The idea of imposing a broad cap-and-trade system to cut America's greenhouse gas emissions is dead and will be replaced with a new approach, an influential Republican senator said Tuesday.

Lindsey Graham, one of three senators working against daunting odds to produce a compromise climate bill, has recently turned against imposing the kind of cap-and-trade system used in Europe, which involves companies buying and selling pollution permits.

Comment: I don't believe Graham for second; he was for it before he was against. If America buys into this globalist taxation scheme and where corporations can trade pollution privileges at will, we are dead as nation.

As I have written this before, we need to repeal the 17th before the US Senate sells us down the road, and cap and trade becomes a law through a treaty. It's coming unless we do something to stop it now...repeal the 17th!

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