Tuesday, March 16, 2010

S.1546 - Box Elder Utah Land Conveyance Act

S.1546 - Box Elder Utah Land Conveyance Act; Senator Robert Bennett,R-UT

Box Elder Utah Land Conveyance Act - Directs the Secretary of Agriculture to convey to the town of Mantua, Utah, without consideration, all interest of the United States in and to parcels of National Forest System land in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Box Elder County, Utah, that are labeled as parcels A, B, and C on the map entitled "Box Elder Utah Land Conveyance Act" and dated July 14, 2008. Requires the town to use the land conveyed under this Act for public purposes.

Comment: As far as I am concerned the Federal Government should divest all national parks and return the land to the respective states.

Any thoughts on the bill?

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Anonymous said...

Not sure what to make of this? Utah is trying to get the feds to give back land they grabbed from the state? If so, I hope they are able to. Maybe that will set a precident that will allow other states to take back their land too.