Tuesday, March 16, 2010

S.148 - Discount Pricing Consumer Protection Act

S.148 - Discount Pricing Consumer Protection Act; Senator Herbert Kohl, D-WI

Introduced.Discount Pricing Consumer Protection Act - Amends the Sherman Act to declare that any contract, combination, conspiracy, or agreement setting a minimum price below which a product or service cannot be sold by a retailer, wholesaler, or distributor violates the Act.

Comment: Ask yourself why would anyone want to restrict competition in this global competitive market. And understand, when competition is restricted the consumer ends up paying a higher price for the good or service.

In actually, this bill would help retailers, who face significant competition from online retailers. Certainly this is something Sen. Kohl should understand since his family started the Kohl Department store chain. Or maybe he does...

This bill should be opposed because it restricts competition and does nothing to help the citizen, in actuality hurts the citizen.

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