Saturday, February 13, 2010

Midterm Election Series-Ohio US Senate Race

Presented is a recent interview with Ohio's Secretary of State and US Senate candidate, Jennifer Brunner, on FOXNews Strategy Room.

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Brian said...

Ms. Brunner is completely mistaken about any retooling of Ohio’s manufacturing base from the older machine and automotive, which has moved to Asia, to the supposed new green and biomedical. We lost tens of thousands of jobs and so far from the $1.7 billion give away to private business and universities engaged in similar research only less the 600 have been gained. But that number isn’t very creditable because there is so little data coming from the state to substantiate anything. The only thing we know is that Ohio’s business and industrial sector is close to being pronounced dead.

Between the three running for the US Senate, Fisher (DEM), Brunner (DEM) and Portman (REP), not one is libertarian oriented, believes in limited government, or civil liberties. I ask myself what would the outcome be for each of theses individuals in elected; STATISM.

As an Ohioan I know I am screwed. As an American I know I am screwed.