Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baucus, Grassley push bipartisan jobs bill in the Senate

Baucus, Grassley push bipartisan jobs bill in the Senate; The Christian Science Monitor

The Senate’s new bipartisan jobs bill likely would have only a modest effect on the US unemployment rate.

That is because the centerpiece of the legislation is a tax credit for companies that hire people who have been out of work for at least 60 days. Many economists say such credits are inherently inefficient employment-boosting tools.

“The problem with subsidies such as this is that they are exceedingly sloppy. A lot of money goes to those firms that would have hired anyway,” writes Howard Gleckman, a senior research associate at the Urban Institute, in an analysis of the subject.

Sen. Max Baucus (D) of Montana, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and Sen. Charles Grassley (R) of Iowa, the panel’s top Republican, jointly introduced the jobs measure on Thursday. ...

Comment: Baucus and Grassley are two sides from the same coin.

Rather than giving out money that well do absolutely nothing, wouldn't it make more sense to increase the tariffs on goods coming into this country so that we pay down the deficit and make foreign goods more expensive so there's an incentive to buy the few remaining goods that are made in the US, and to encourage people buy US goods? If we don't make anything in the US how can there be any jobs. Baucus and Grassley are amazing!

However, if our US Senate was made up of people that actually live in their states and represent their states, they would have knowledge of the financial malady our states and people face. But these people have virtually no idea how bad it is out here. But you know who does; our local representatives, they do. Not these clowns in the Senate.


danq said...

High tariffs would result in overnight hyperinflation at the pumps and everywhere else within a few days.

Not to mention being inconsiderate to personal choice, for example almost all the music I buy is from smaller European labels.

These CDs and DVDs are already expensive, mostly due to low demand. I'd lose access to some of my favorite bands, since anything other than Lady Gaga garbage will be even more expensive and even harder to find.

Then you have the Japanese Anime fans. I only followed this for a short time, but that can get pretty expensive. There is something they have called "manga", they are Japanese disposable comic books, which are so expensive that they've become collector's items here.

I hate when people call for tariffs just because the Federalist Party wing of the Founding Fathers had it put into the Constitution.

There are plenty of great American products, services, and companies, but also plenty of American junk. I'm perfectly happy with the 16th so long as it's either flat or a simple progressive ladder unlike the mess we have now.

Anonymous said...


I have to disagree with you, I hate poverty worst. There aren’t any products made in the United States in any real volume. Stop and take a look around. Go to Walmart or Lowes and look at the labels, nothing is made in the United States. We need to regain the manufacturing base that has been lost in the United States, otherwise there is going to be no income. But be forewarned, making video games or windmills or solar panels or vaccines is not going to put all the autoworkers and those associated with the auto industry back to work. Likewise, the same goes for all the folks that have lost their jobs in the heavy equipment industry. We need to start building our products again.

Many say those industries are long gone and we need to move into new areas. Sure but when someone tells me what they are I'll become a believer, but for right now no one can, so I’ll stick with the tried and true industries. And remember the service industry is no industry if no one has any money to pay for the services like cleaning and repairing.

Another item we are rapidly increasing the importation of and really need tariffs on is food. Why the heck are we importing food into this country when we were blessed with the best soil and farmland on God’s green earth? Maybe the young of this country are spending too much time masturbating to their Japanese Anime and don't have the backbone to work with their backs? ;-)

Sorry friend, we need tariffs, maybe not the stifling ones of the 20s, but we need to adjust the scales so we have opportunities for Americans not Chinese.

danq said...

"Maybe the young of this country are spending too much time masturbating to their Japanese Anime and don't have the backbone to work with their backs? ;-)"

I know lots of anime fans masturbate to so-called "hentai", but cartoons were never my thing.

Honestly you can't consider American pop stars to be more talented than these people:


Florida, signed to German labels:

And let's not forget these guys:

We can't just clone American versions of foreign artists and musicians and block everything else out from the public with a nasty tariff. The RIAA does enough damage to this country already.