Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Medieval Kingdom Known as the United States Senate

GOP Senator Readies 'Bombs' for Favored Candidates;

Although Sen. Jim DeMint laughs off the suggestion that he is emerging as "a conservative kingmaker," the first-term Republican from South Carolina is undeniably engaged in the serious business of trying to anoint a few princes, particularly in the medieval kingdom known as the United States Senate.

With a camera-ready smile and a flash of Southern modesty, Sen. Jim DeMint laughs off the suggestion that he is emerging as "a conservative kingmaker." ...

Comment: You have to read the whole article; it reeks of silliness. Not only is it silly, it’s embarrassing. The author describes this one calling that one a member of the “establishment” like grade school children on the playground and DeMint running around merrily as the kingpin of Conservatives. Haven’t Washington insiders and neo-cons done enough to kill the honorable ideals of Russell Kirk, Edmund Burke, to name a few?

It always comes down to power with these folks. Limiting government is a Conservative ideal and norm. Yet expanding the size and scope of government is the main goal of every Senator, no matter the broadcasted ideology.

The more we let theses folks make fools of themselves, and our country, the further we sink. The more we let them foolishly spend our money and carelessly bind us with mountains of laws and regulations the worst we become.

Let’s repeal the 17th Amendment and see how (Big C or little C) conservative Mr. DeMint really is, shall we. If he is as he heralds himself to be then he’ll have no problem going out into the world leaving government behind and championing the virtues of freedom, liberty, and private property and maybe a little limited government.

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.
J. R. R. Tolkien


xcopfly said...

What's "big C" or "little c" conservatism? I know that's how they separate Libertarian Party from other libertarians, but other than the New York Conservative Party I don't think there are any with that name

Brian said...

Generally a "Big C" Conservative is a paleo or traditional Conservative. A "little c" might be your rank and file republican that leans either socially conservative or fiscally but still has inclination toward big government and imperialism. That's my take for what it's worth.