Saturday, November 28, 2009

Which Party Is Worse?

Arguing about which party is worse is beside the point. Decentralization is a good idea which deserves support regardless of what party anyone prefers:

Repealing the 17th Amendment is a nonpartisan issue which would be a great step toward decentralizing power. When you're discussing the issue with someone who really likes one party, feel free to agree about how much worse the other party is. That way maybe you can approach the issue of restoring the Senate in a friendly way.

Hat tip: Tenth Amendment Center

Also, check out this interview with Kevin Gutzman on Freedom vs the Courts

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Brian said...

Some good points were made, however when one considers which party is worst or more to blame, the fact is the two main parties are equally to blame. Together they have created the situation that allows for and continues power consolidation in Washington DC at the exclusion of the states.

Additionally party membership locally becomes part of the “buying-in” process where local members are chosen not for community leadership but party and its ideals and norms.

While a quick study of socialism, collectivism, progressivism, and communism demonstrates the expansionist tendencies of these ideologies, I recognize and can look to Vermont as one state in our union that is certainly closer to socialism than any other, yet recognizes states rights, so maybe there is hope there as well.