Saturday, September 12, 2009

John Stossel Moving to FOX

Stossel, best known for his work as co-anchor of ABC News' "20/20," will anchor "Stossel," [sic] a weekly program on FOX Business Network, and make regular appearances on FOX News Channel, it was announced Thursday.

The one-hour program will feature in-depth reports on domestic and international libertarian issues and will debut during the fourth quarter of this year in FBN's primetime lineup. Stossel and a panel of experts will explore a wide range of topics including civil liberties, the business of health care and Social Security.

He will also host a series of one-hour specials on FOX News Channel and write a blog called "Stossel's Take."

John Stossel will have a larger audience on FOX, but he'll likely be preaching to the choir. As he's noted himself time and again, conservatives will at least listen to him, but liberals are the ones who engage in more hateful attacks. Undoubtedly, FOX News will also see their ratings rise as faithful Stossel fans tune in each week to see what the most famous libertarian in network news is up to.

Video courtesy of Minnesota Chris

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Anonymous said...

Good news for sure, I only wish there was a libertarian news network. FOX is OK, and I really like Cavuto, but as a whole it seems like a glitzie neo-con package. But in the world of limited choices it will have to do.