Friday, August 14, 2009

Healing America's Health Care System (Video)

Senator Spector doesn't know that the current bill contains individual mandates. How can we expect Senators to fix our problems when they don't know what the problem is and they don't even know what's in the medicine they're trying to give us?

Senators aren't doing their job because the people aren't holding them accountable. The original bicameral legislature allowed state legislatures to hold Senators accountable and the people to hold their representatives accountable. Subjecting members of both houses to elections is a redistribution of responsibility which causes the people to not know whom to hold accountable. When people have one representative, they know whom to blame. When the people have lots of representatives, they don't know.

Repealing the 17th Amendment would allow people to focus on holding their elected representative accountable. That's the first step toward fixing our broken electoral system.

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