Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Idea on Capitol Hill: To Join Senate, Get Votes

New Idea on Capitol Hill: To Join Senate, Get Votes: New York Times

It took decades, myriad scandals and a muckraker to change the rules for how senators are chosen. Now leading lawmakers want to close what they see as a lingering century-old loophole in the 17th Amendment’s demand that each state’s senators be “elected by the people thereof.”

Comment: Another article from the "non-biased" MSM in favor of the latest Feingold/McCain constitutional assault.

You'll note in the article there is no mention concerning the history surrounding the US Constitution and the US Senate, but only the corruption that surrounded the Senate prior to the 17th (1913). So I guess we can assume there has been no corruption in the US Senate since the 17th passage, excluding those appointments by governors.

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Anonymous said...

I never ease to be amazed by people who think that things got better after the 17th Amendment.