Friday, March 13, 2009

Congress mulls elections to fill Senate vacancies

Congress mulls elections to fill Senate vacancies; The Associated Press

Following tumultuous turnovers in Illinois and New York, lawmakers on Wednesday asked whether it was time to change the Constitution so that voters, and not state governors, fill Senate vacancies.

Appointments by governors, said Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wisc., "are an unfortunate relic" of the first century of the nation's history when senators were picked by state legislatures. Feingold, a chief sponsor of a proposed constitutional amendment requiring elections to fill vacancies, spoke at a joint House-Senate hearing on the proposal.

Comment: I want to make a point that I have been making repeatedly on this weblog concerning Senator Feingold's statement regarding the legislation he created with Republican Senator John McCain , which would remove the authority vested in state governors to fill a vacant senate seat, was motivated by the circus created by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is a complete and utter lie. Feingold and McCain created this law well before this issue even erupted.

So I have to wonder, what motivated Feingold and McCain to write this bill and what will they gain if this is passed. Straight away the answer is easy; this will increase the power of the US Senate and the federal government. It will increase the leverage special interest groups and lobbies have with its seemingly endless supply of money. The passage of this law is not in the best interest of the US citizenry, but is in the best interest of special interests, whom the US Senate represents today. Make no mistake about friends, when the 17th Amendment was passed the US Senate became the instrument of special interests, be it bankers, corporations, defense industry, environmental left, European nations, Asian nations, to name just a few, whoever pays the highest price is their master.

Across the United States people are waking up to the monster called the United States Government. People are realizing that their liberties and freedom are being taken away while they sleep and behind their backs. They are realizing the looming threat that a large despotic central government can have. They are realizing that this threat is life threatening because no matter if you are some poor coal miner in West Virginia that has a dispute with the IRS or a small second tier nation with an irrational dictator on the other side of the world, the dictates of the US Government is enforced by the business end of a gun. The people understand it is the oligarchs that decide who lives or dies, and oligarchs are US Government.

If you want to remove a portion of the power these despots have treacherously taken, then repeal the 17th amendment and restore the authority of the states and the US Constitution.

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