Wednesday, March 25, 2009

National Service Corps Bill Clears Senate Hurdle

National Service Corps Bill Clears Senate Hurdle; New York Times

Following overwhelming House passage last week, the Senate tonight voted 74 to 14 on a procedural move that essentially guarantees a major expansion of a national service corps, a cornerstone of volunteerism that dates back to the era of President Kennedy. It’s akin to a call to arms by President Obama, who has harkened back to those early days to demand giving back by those who voted for him.

In fact, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the senior Democrat from Massachusetts whose battle with brain cancer has oft kept him absent from the Senate these days, appeared on the floor to welcomes all around as he cast his approving vote as a co-sponsor.

Comment: Mandatory service is indicative of fascism, socialism, Marxism, or communism; but it is not volunteerism.

Kennedy, the single biggest reason to repeal the 17th Amendment!

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