Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lautenberg: Pull plug on electronic cigarettes

US Senator: Pull plug on electronic cigarettes; AFP

A US Senator has urged Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators to pull "electronic cigarettes" from the market until the battery-powered devices are tested and proven safe.

The products, also known as "e-cigarettes," release a nicotine vapor into the lungs and are sold as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes that can even help smokers quit their habit.

And amid a growing nationwide push to ban indoor smoking, some e-cigarette manufacturers have been selling their product as legal to use in restaurants, bars, shopping malls and airplanes.

But Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg wrote the FDA Monday warning that there have been no clinical studies verifying such claims or assessing their long-term health effects.

"For these reasons, I believe the FDA must take immediate action to take these products off the market" until they can be tested, the New Jersey senator said in his letter.

: Isn't comforting that we have people like Frank Lautenburg legislating our lives because we are just simply too stupid to manage it for ourselves?

Lautenburg, 1 of 100 reasons the 17th Amendment needs to be repealed!


Steve Hartwell said...

What NEVER gets reported is Lautenburg's very close relationship to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, including approving gov't grants to the organization, which was created by Johnson & Johnson, which makes BILLIONS from sales of it's own nicotine products, including it's version of a nicotine inhaler, and, which has paid out over $ 440 MILLION to fund anti-smoking around the world to achieve those sales. NOW all that money is being very seriously threatened by Chinese Electronic Cigarettes that J&J does not profit from. Gee, if I were Lautenburg, RWJF and J&J, and all those who profit from their pockets, I'd want E-cigs immediately removed from the U.S. and global markets too.

Brian said...


Interesting piece of information. Thanks