Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rep. Ron Paul Questions Bernanke Over New Fed Reserve Move

Rep. Ron Paul asks the non-Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke whether the business cycle is the result of economic freedom or government intrusion, ergo, the Federal Reserve. Rep. Paul’s introduction is a lesson in itself.

Comment: There are only a handful of representatives in Congress that have our nation’s well being in mind and Ron Paul is one of them.

This move by the Bush Administration to increase the power of the non-governmental body called the Federal Reserve is a huge step toward corporatism or socialism. This move is nothing short of Soviet era central planning. What the hell has happened to this country when the majority of Republicans don’t realize this? Thank you Bush Family.

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snerdly_mortsnerd said...

Who's that stupid bytch rolling her eyes?

Hey Honey... pay attention, you might learn something.