Friday, July 20, 2007

Fiat Empire: Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution

This documentary demonstrates the link between the 16th and 17th Amendments through the Federal Reserve Act and how the growth of large central government is not an accident.

"Find out why some feel the Federal Reserve System is a "bunch of organized crooks" and others feel some of its practices "are in violation of the U.S. Constitution." Discover why experts agree the Fed is a banking cartel that benefits mainly bankers, their clients in need of easy money and a Congress that would rather increase the Gross National Debt than seek funding from its constituents.

"This Telly Award winning documentary features presidential candidate RON PAUL (R-Texas) and is inspired by The Creature from Jekyll Isalnd a book by well-known author, G. Edward Griffin.

"Also featured is Dr. Edwin Vieira, Ph.D., J.D. from Harvard (a foremost authority on the Constitution and the author of Pieces of Eight) who discusses the Fed and various long-term studies which indicate that the Federal Reserve System encourages war, destabilizes the economy, generates inflation (a hidden tax) and is the supreme instrument of unjust enrichment for a select group of insiders. Dr. Theodore Baehr (founder of MOVIEGUIDE®) rounds out the show by discussing the relationship between the Media, the Fed and the Government and why you never see these issues discussed on network TV or in the mainstream media."

It lasts about 60 minutes. This is an in-depth history and should be watched twice to gain the full understanding of the intricate nature of this problem.

Comment: Return to the U.S. Constitution!

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