Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wrap-up of the 17th Amendment on the Web 13 February 2007

Here is wrap-up of posting I found that mention the 17th Amendment on the web. There are a couple of notables: John at The Founder’s Post discusses the rise in the national debt and makes the connection between it and the 16th and 17th Amendment; Justice Scalia shocks an audience with his remark about the 17th; and Utah legislators are pushing forward a bill that would rein in their U.S. Senators.


National Debt
By John
1913 The 16th Amendment (income tax) ratified, 17th Amendment (direct election of US Senators) ratified, Federal Reserve established 1980 $930200000000 226542199 $4106.08 2006 $9000000000000 298000000 $30200.00 ...
The Founder's Post - http://thefounderspost.blogspot.com/index.html

Time to repeal the 17th Amendment By George Warm
Looking back in history from 1913 till now since the 17th amendment was ratified. We can see a pattern emerge on the Federal Government gradually usurping power away from the States. The original...
- http://blog.myspace.com/repealthe17th

We should dump the 17th amendment
By Scottsolo
The 17th amendment was adopted in 1913 (if my memory is good). It changed the method of selecting federal senators. They were originally appointed by state legislatures. The amendment was put in place so that they would be elected by ...
Whistle Stopper Political Forums - http://www.whistlestopper.com/forum

Income Tax or Income Theft? you decide.
By a concerned citizen
Like the 16th Amendment, the 17th Amendment is a fraud--it was never ratified by the states. Therefore, we have not had a lawfully seated senate since 1913.) "That Representative having to stand for election every two years was close to ...
The new Great Depression and... - http://thenewgreatdepression.blogspot.com/index.html

We the People?
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Fort Wayne,IN,USA
Only a vote-buying scandal involving Chicago-area legislators shamed Congress and the nation into adopting the 17th amendment, which requires direct ...

The 17th Amendment
By ronpaulfan
The 17th Amendment is a danger to our republic. Why have two houses of congress and have them both elected by popular vote. Our founding fathers never intended for the popular election of senators,that has given us things like Teddy…
Sean Hannity Discussion - http://www.hannity.com/forum

Democracy, the Worst Form of Government ever Tried, Part II
By Bevin Chu
Many reforms dotted this era, including Prohibition with the 18th Amendment ... the Income Tax with the 16th Amendment and direct election of Senators with the 17th Amendment. Muckrakers ... reaction-producing writers ... were among ...
The China Desk 中國紅 - http://thechinadesk.blogspot.com/index.html

With Characteristic Wit, Justice Scalia Engages Students
The Student Life - Claremont,CA,USA
In addition, the overflow audience outside the auditorium was shocked at Scalia’s answer to a question regarding the 17th amendment, in which he remarked, ...

Stephenson calls for yoke on US senators
Salt Lake Tribune - Salt Lake City,UT,USA
Last year's legislation sought a "soft repeal" of the 17th Amendment, which allowed the people to elect senators. Just like last year, Hatch is not pleased ...

Imperative Mandate
By Administrator
Until the 17th Amendment changed Senators to being directly elected by the people instead of being appointed by the states, It was similar for them — if the state didn’t like how their representative in Congress was voting, ...
The US-First Blog - http://us-first.us/blog


John said...

Brian thanks for the link. I'm adding your site to my reader. You have a lot of great info here.


Joe said...

I wonder what Scalia's full answer on the 17th amendment was. It is not clear from the article. It sounds like he opposes repeal, but I'm not sure?

Brian Duffy said...


I think you have to read between the lines, but considering Scalia’s reputation and the crowd’s reaction, I tend to think it was derogatory.