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Wrap-up of the 17th Amendment on the Web 25-Jan-07

Here is a quick look at the items I found containing mention of the 17th Amendment for the last couple of weeks. One note of interest is Professor Todd Zwicki’s post on The Volokh Conspiracy concerning the Constitution Party making the repeal of the 17th part of tits platform.

Further, we must resolve to repeal the 17th Amendment in order to fully restore the separation of powers and the check and balance system created by the ...

The 17th Amendment
By Robert S. Paul(Robert S. Paul)
In 1913, amid a growing Federal government (such the 16th Amendment, ... The 17th Amendment changed that, and placed far more power into the hands of the federal ... I believe we should repeal the 17th Amendment for the same purposes, ...
Rifle Fire -

The Second Biggest Constitutional Mistake
By Don(Don)
With the passage of the 17th Amendment, the States lost all representation ... In 1913, the 17th amendment removed ALL power and representation from the States, ... The 17th Amendment, removing all power from the State's in the Federal ...
Houston Views -

By M.L. Beam(M.L. Beam)
1913 saw the passage of the 17th amendment, which stripped the State legislatures of the right to appoint Senators to represent them in the nation’s capital, and instead authorized direct election of Senators. ...
Life is a gentle teacher. It... -

Legislator wants Senate vacancies out of gov's hands
Journal Inquirer - Manchester,CT,USA
It wasn't until the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified in 1913 that voters in each state were guaranteed the right to directly elect their ...

Amend the 17th Amendment?
By Cato
Delmarva Dealings -

From sideburns to mansions: A Senate primer
Providence Journal - Providence,RI,USA
Aldrich left the Senate in 1911, the year before enactment of the 17th Amendment, which took Senate elections away from the state legislatures and subjected ...

By Bullet
I've been told that the 17th amendment does not allow for a recall of a senator. The 17th amendment took away some power of the states, when it allowed for popular elections of senators. It did not mention recall. ...
The Smirking Chimp - Comments -

The Seventeenth Amendments Effect on Federalism
By admin
The Constitutional Party Platform calls for repeal of the 17th Amendment based on this logic (links added):. The US Constitution, as originally framed in Article I, Section 3, provided for US Senators to be elected by state legislators. ...
Rights v. Powers -

Constitution Party Urges Repeal of 17th Amendment:
By Todd Zywicki
I just learned that the Constitution Party has endorsed the repeal of the 17th Amendment as part of its party platform....
The Volokh Conspiracy -

William Howard Taft
By Sam(Sam)
During Taft's administration, Congress passed the 16th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which gave the US government the right to collect income taxes, and the 17th Amendment, which provided for the direct election of ...My Blog -

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