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From Townhall Jan 25, 2006-3-13

From Townhall Jan 25, 2006-3-13


Repeal the 17th Amendment

by CMoore, Jan 25 2006 02:14 PM

As keen as term limits are, most probably the best possible solution would be to repeal the 17th Amendment immediately. Give the States (as institutions, not collections of residents) their representation in Congress back.

While this will not eliminate the lobbying and hob-knobbing, Senators selected by and beholden to state legislatures rather than residents have no need to campaign for reelection. Senators would feel the pressure and need to represent their State's interests rather than pandering to the whimsy of the voting populace. Thus, much legislation that gets passed in the House would likely wither in the Senate.

State representation in Congress (the Senate) was a fundamental tenet in the foundation of our Republic. It was intended to balance the will of the people with the interests of the States. A democratically elected Congress, both House and Senate, has proven inimical to the preservation of the Republic of the United States.

Comment: Makes great sense.

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