Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Obama Top Money Maker in the Senate

Freshman Obama Rakes It in for Colleagues, By DENNIS CONRAD, Associated Press Writer
Wed Feb 22, 7:12 AM ET

Altogether, the freshman senator from Illinois has helped raise $6.5 million for his political action committee and other Democratic candidates, party committees and state parties from New Jersey to Virginia to Florida.

Obama is characteristic of the US Senator that spends more time increasing his own personnel power rather than looking out for the welfare of his state. After graduating from Columbia, this Army brat moved to Chicago to launch his political career. While he is the only one of five Americans of African descent to be elected to senate, he is cut from the same cloth as his fellow cockroaches.

It’s no wonder Obama is hesitant to draw up new ethics rules on lobbing, considering he brought in $6.5 million for the DNC war chest. By repealing the 17th Amendment, the largest amount of political graft would be removed from the federal government.

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