Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Portman: Super committee secrecy needed

Portman: Super committee secrecy needed; Gannett News.com

...The day before, there was a more telling scene, as Portman, an Ohio Republican, and the committee's 11 other members met for nearly three hours behind closed doors, emerging tight-lipped about what they had discussed.

"I'd like to tell you everything, but I'm not talking about the super committee stuff," Portman said in a brief interview after that session.

The panel has held only three public hearings -- and at least eight private ones. In addition, the Republican and Democratic members of the super committee have also held separate, undisclosed partisan huddles to talk about substance and strategy.

And while there have been a few leaks to the press here and there, the 12 lawmakers on the committee seem to have taken a sort of informal vow of secrecy, refusing to disclose even the broad outlines of their daily agenda or deliberations.

"We treat it kind of like the ethics committee," said Portman, referring to the congressional panels that handle ethics complaints against members of Congress. "It's just confidential." ...

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Comment: Welcome to the new Soviet, where oligarchs elect oligarchs to administer over the paroles proles and your life is decided upon behind closed doors.


mpetrie98 said...

It's spelled "P-R-O-L-E-S"

Brian said...

Thanks for the heads up M, I should have caught that mistake.