Monday, October 03, 2011

The Senate Insider Who Introduced the Federal Reserve Act

 ...and the 16th Amendment.

Nelson W. Aldrich; Wikipedia

Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich
(November 6, 1841 – April 16, 1915) was a prominent American politician and a leader of the Republican Party in the Senate, where he served from 1881 to 1911.

Because of his impact on national politics and central position on the pivotal Senate Finance Committee, he was referred to by the press and public alike as the "General Manager of the Nation", dominating all tariff and monetary policies in the first decade of the 20th century. In a career that spanned three decades, Aldrich helped to create an extensive system of tariffs that protected American factories and farms from foreign competition, while driving the price of consumer goods artificially high—which hurt many workers and farmers. He was a party to the re-structuring of the American financial system through the institution of the federal income tax amendment, which he originally opposed, and the Federal Reserve System. He stated that he believed these reforms would lead to greater efficiency. Aldrich became wealthy with investments in street railroads, sugar, rubber and banking. His son Richard Steere Aldrich became a U.S. Representative, and his daughter, Abby, married John D. Rockefeller, Jr., the only son of John D. Rockefeller. Her son and his grandson Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, served as Vice President of the United States under Gerald Ford.

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Comment: While the roots of Socialism in this country are deeply connected to the Democrat Party, the fascist roots are as equally connected to the Republicans Party. When one considers that the lines between Socialism and Fascism are hair thin, you begin to see why it's really one party, one agenda, one end state.

Das Uber Congress (aka Super Congress or the Joint Select Committee) is nothing new in our history. As we can see through the life of Senator Aldrich and others, the powerful circumventing the citizens' will and the US Constitution is nothing new, only that in 1910 and 1913 they did it in secret while today they act right before our eyes.

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