Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Senate has lost sight of its real purpose

The Senate has lost sight of its real purpose; LakeNewsOnline

...The 17th Amendment has allowed federal deficit spending, inappropriate federal mandates, and federal control over a number of state institutions. It has caused a fundamental breakdown in campaign financing issues with respect to the Senate. If repealed there would be no need for campaign financing. It would also re-link the states to the federal political process and in effect elevate the present status of state legislatures from that of a lobbyist to a partner in the federal political process. It would give the states direct influence over the selection of federal judges, influence over the federal judiciary and a greater ability to modify the power of the federal judiciary. It would allow for a better flow of power between the states and the federal government as the needs of the republic changes. ...

Read the whole letter here.

Comment: What I find interesting in these letters the editors, if it has a wide circulation, are the comments, and this one doesn't disappoint.The level of sheer ignorance is staggering. Getting facts across to ideologues is tough, but I am sure of one thing, this country is going broke. It might happen next year or in five, but assuredly we'll go broke. The question then is, will these ideologues turn to constitutional reform and a return to state sovereignty or to Obama, Soros and the Occupy Wall Street agenda when it happens?

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