Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Durbin is a Complete Idiot

You can watch the video for yourself and make your own call on Durbin, but my opinion is that he demonstrates he's a complete idiot, and I would say the same for the whole of Congress. It was Congress and their fascist regulations that got us into this mess, and who keep plunging us deeper into the hole, and created this whole banking mess. Unfortunately too many Americans think Durbin and Obama and Congress are right.

Comment: Sure there is lots of blame to pass around especially the fact that the Federal Government is bed with the banking industry, but the single biggest problem is that Congress abdicates its Constitutional duty to be in bed with the crook bankers. Hey at the end of the day the crony banks like Bank of America are going to pass on the cost of regulation on to us, and lay us off, but we need to remember, this is all caused by Congress. So are you ready to repeal the 17th yet?

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