Friday, August 19, 2011

Senate Set to REALLY Screw Military

Senator Udall: We Need To Keep Our Promises To Military Members;

Udall says the goal of this proposed plan is to continue providing benefits to military members, but to do it in a way the country can afford. He believes it’s possible, without affecting the military’s retention and recruitment rates. "I have no doubt that we can continue as a country to recruit and retain patriotic Americans to serve in our armed forces, even if we have changed the benefits packages slightly. And that's what we are talking about is changing those benefit packages so they are sustainable over time,” he said.

The plan being considered by the Pentagon would reportedly save $250 billion over the next two decades. It would affect 1.4 million service members.

The proposal comes from an influential panel of military advisers called the Defense Business Board. Their plan would eliminated the familiar system under which anyone who serves 20 years is eligible for retirement at half their salary. Instead, they would get a 401(k) style plan with government contributions. They would have to wait until normal retirement age to collect.

Some people are outraged by the plan. Advocates say the new system would not only save money, but would also be more fair. It would give benefits to those who serve less than 20 years. Right now they walk away with nothing.

Comment: We'd be able to pay our military members in a "sustainable" manner if we weren't fighting five wars and being the policemen of the world. But the writing is on the wall and every Vet knows this, the time comes when Congress screws the service members and that time is now sadly.

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