Monday, August 01, 2011

Proof That Marco Rubio Is Awful

Kristol wants a Ryan–Rubio GOP ticket for 2012; The Daily Caller

HT: Lew Rockwell's Political Theater

On “Fox News Sunday,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol reiterated his support for a Paul Ryan–Marco Rubio presidential dream ticket.

“I think it should be Ryan-Rubio, but if Paul Ryan is a little hesitant to seize the moment, I think Marco Rubio has to do it and make Paul Ryan his vice president,” Kristol said. “But Ryan–Rubio or Rubio–Ryan would be a very strong ticket. These are two pretty spectacular speeches given on the floor of the House Thursday night, then on the floor of the Senate by Rubio yesterday.” (Marco Rubio: ‘Why we must save Medicare’)

While such a ticket between the House Budget chairman and the freshman Florida senator seems unlikely at this stage in the electoral game, Kristol explained how the drama over raising the debt ceiling has made the ticket more plausible.

“Yes, because the presidential candidates — Michele Bachmann is against any deal, Jon Huntsman’s for any deal,” he said. “The rest of them have been ducking or as we say in the Obama era, ‘Leading from behind.’ I think Republican primary voters would welcome a Ryan–Rubio ticket.” ...

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Comment: From my perspective, a neo con is one side of the statist coin, with the progressives on the other. So anything from Kristol's mouth can only mean more government, more war, more police state, less freedoms and the United States sinking further in the hole we are in. 


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